Monday, June 15, 2009

June 25 2009 meeting

Our meeting date is a change from our usual third Thursday of the month. This month it is the fourth Thursday. Same time, 7:00p.m. Same place, Gail Borden Public Library. We are in for a treat as our own Bill Blohm will share his "Top Secrets for Research". What a wonderful experience I had in the genealogy area of the Gail Borden Library with Mr. Blohm as my guide. He will have great tips for both beginners and "old hands". This is a great opportunity for members to bring a friend to our meeting or to welcome visitors. See you there.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Adobe alert

Adobe has released a new version of its Acrobat Reader that fixes the security problems that have been found in many versions of the program.

If you use Adobe Reader, I would strongly suggest that you upgrade to version 9.1.2 immediately. It is available at no cost from Adobe:

From the Washington Post:
Adobe Issues Security Updates for Reader, Acrobat

Adobe Systems Inc. on Tuesday released security updates to remedy at least 13 security flaws in its PDF Reader and Acrobat software. Updates are available for Mac and Windows versions of both programs.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Email messages from

A Heads Up...

If you get a message from a friend claiming that they "sent you photos on Tagged" or that they “sent you a private message on Tagged", proceed cautiously. These e-mail messages usually ask, "Want to see the photos?" or “Want to read the message?” You probably don't.

A quick search on Google produces the answers, however. It seems that Tagged is a questionable business (earning a grade of F from the BBB) that surreptitiously steals address books from people and sends e-mail messages to everyone in that address book. If you get a message from Tagged and open it, your addresses will be stolen and used to send more messages out.

Sometimes your DELETE key is your best friend.