Monday, July 13, 2009

Hi all,
I haven't posted for awhile so I thought I should share a little about my summer so far.

One of the highlights so far was attending a reunion for my Leisure side of the family. It was held just outside Fairmount, Indiana which is the birth place of actor James Dean. Fairmount is a small town in rural Indiana and if you look hard enough you'll usually find a relationship with almost every longtime resident. At the last reunion, I learned that I am very distantly related to James Dean. That knowledge pleased me as his was the only poster I hung on my wall as a teenager:)

The majority of the Leisures that attend the reunion today (this was the 88th) are descended from my 2nd great-grandfather's (Joseph Leisure) brother, Nathan. However, in the beginning the reunions were attended by some 200 family members primarily from line coming from Rush and Grant counties. My line remained in Rush county and Nathan took his family to Grant county. Of course, these brothers had 4 other siblings which must have accounted for some the the attendees.

This year there were only 45 of us altogether and of those about 10 were from the Rush county Leisures. We all enjoyed some great food, good times and wonderful stories of our ancestors. The event was well worth the time and drive.

Of course, I couldn't get so close to Rush county without going home for a bit. My husband and I spent the night in Rushville where I was born. We had the good fortune to be in town for the County Fair so between that and a lovely walk through the beautiful park we were well entertained for the evening.

I guess that's it for this post. I'll have to share more later.