Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good Bye Summer

I think I have received my last sunburn for 2009. Now I am on an academic calendar with an elementary school schedule. I have reached a brick wall with my North Carolina research and when cold weather sets in I will change surnames and geographic locations. Seems like a good plan anyway. Dont forget to wish the Tuttles a happy anniversary. Jewel Shop and Share dates in November are 16, 17, & 18. Print out the coupon and make copies for friends and neighbors ( it all helps). Membership renewal forms for 2010 are available and we encourage new members. Do you know anyone who might like to visit or join EGS? We always welcome visitors and new members. Do you have any ideas for programs? Is there anything you need help with? We have a very knowledgeable group, an excellent library, and a computer interest group ready to help you out with suggestions for your research. You dont have to be a genealogist to have fun at EGS. Even if you are a casual researcher or just want to know who are your ancestors someone at EGS can help you. The change in seasons or schedule can be a good time to renew or revise your goals. Perhaps you can help with newspaper indexing, ( we need a chairperson ). Perhaps you can help with Hospitality. Maybe you have a story to write for the newsletter. Try it. You might like it. And others will learn and enjoy also. from Ann Braasch

Saturday, August 15, 2009

August Computer Interest Group

It was practically standing room only at the Computer Interest Group last Thursday morning. How nice it is to see that enthusiasm and support remains high for this endeavor.

Our topic for the day was the use of US Genweb and, I think, we all learned something along the way. Of course, US Genweb is a volunteer site which means that some locations are better represented than others; however, it is free and is extremely helpful to many genealogists. Even if a viewer doesn’t find information about the specific person or family being researched, the general information provided, such as the history of the location, look-up volunteers and other resource locations, may send him/her in the right direction.

Please remember there will be no CIG meeting is September. We will resume our meetings on October 8 with discussion of Facebook and its possible application to genealogists. I hope to see you there.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hello Everyone,
Here is a belated update from me. We had our August morning meeting today but this meeting was a bit different than most of our meetings.
The difference was that our speaker failed to attend.
As our starting time drew near I became more concerned and quickly called 411 info for the speaker's telephone number, after several attempts I finally got the number and contacted the speaker's spouse, only to be told he was at an appointment at least 30 minutes away.
So we had to "wing it" for a presentation.
We had our usual business meeting with an extra item of my apology for my assumption that the speaker would remember out date and show up.
What we did for our presentation was have a group share of some success's and experiences we have been having with our genealogical researches.
We had a good meeting with many people sharing, the strong possibility of a volunteer for the position of Program Chair (Which is Fantastic!!), updates on some member medical situations and a 60th Wedding anniversary announcement.
After our meeting a couple of people told me they thought we had a great meeting.
I want to say thanks; but it is the members that make this group and our meetings great.