Thursday, March 11, 2010

CIG March Meeting Review

Since I'm the facilitator for the CIG meeting, I'm probably not the one who should be doing this review but, oh, well. I think we had a good time this morning. Our topicUsing Google Tools for Genealogy: alerts, books, and more...  was well-received and solicited much discussion, questions and suggestions.

Hopefully, attendees will be using more of the tools available on Google. We also discussed our EGS blog showing how to submit a comment and also requesting members to author some posts, as well.

At our April meeting we'll be talking about Family Tree Maker.

See you then?,



  1. Becky, as usual you were great. I learned so much. Will have to use Google much more. Every time you have a meeting I am impressed with your knowledge

  2. Thanks for the Kudos, Rita. I just checked and you are set up to author posts so any time you want, feel free:)

  3. Becky - I have been having so much fun using my new found knowledge of Google Maps. I found the house in Ohio that I lived in during high school. Thanks for teaching me how.

    Jean Frech

  4. Great meeting with useful information. Lots more to google than I generally use. Thanks. Barb F.