Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Family Tree Maker webinar...it's free too.

The following is from the Ancestry.com Blog:

If you’ve mastered the basics of Family Tree Maker and you’re ready to learn more, join us for a free webinar on March 24th at 8:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time. Watch as the experts demonstrate some of the advanced features available in Family Tree Maker 2010. You’ll learn how to work with the Web Merge feature, resolve unidentified place names, export different branches of your family tree, and much more. To attend the Advanced Topics webinar, click here to register.

And if you have questions you’d like answered, please enter them in the Comments section [at http://blogs.ancestry.com]. We’ll try to respond to them during the webinar or on the blog. (Please limit your questions to functionality available in Family Tree Maker 2010.) We appreciate your questions and look forward to talking to you soon. Thanks!

Have you missed past webinars? You can view them any time at FamilyTreeMaker.com.

The links won't work from here but I think you can find out more by visiting: FamilyTreeMaker.com


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  1. The webinar has been rescheduled to May 19 according to today's blog:
    "Previously we announced that the Family Tree Maker team would be holding an Advanced Topics webinar on March 24th. This webinar has been rescheduled for May 19th. We would like to apologize for an inconvenience we’ve caused and also thank all of you who have already registered and submitted questions. We hope you’ll be able to join us in May.

    And don’t forget to check back in coming weeks for more details about the May webinar."

    Still a great learning experience, just have to wait a bit longer:)