Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Illinois State Genealogy Society Volunteering Opportunities

If you looking for volunteer opportunities, there are some interesting ones below. Not only can you help out the genealogy community but you'll meet some wonderful people along the way. You'll be joining a vibrant group of passionate family historians.

ISGS Volunteer Alert

Dear Members and Friends of ISGS,

As we approach 2013, ISGS’s open positions list has grown due to various life changes we all experience, including a death in our “family,” and the creation of new positions.  ISGS fully supports its board members serving in capacities that interest them, which can necessitate moves to new committees, leaving vacancies.
Please consider helping ISGS achieve its mission to preserve and disseminate Illinois historical and genealogical materials, and to educate and aid those researching their ancestry.
  • ISGS 2012 Fall Conference Volunteers: The ISGS Fall Conference will be held October 19th & 20th at the Clock Tower Inn and Conference Center, Rockford, IL. Volunteers will help with monitoring sessions, the Youth Workshop, and other essential tasks. Save these dates, and please let us know if you can lend a hand and be a part of our great conference team! Contact Tammy Spearie,
  • Church Records Committee Chair: The Church Records project identifies Illinois church repositories by denomination and assembles files containing church history and record access information.  Contact Susie Pope,
  • Newsletter Editor: The Editor of the ISGS Newsletter receives articles and information for publication via email, and produces a newsletter six times a year (bimonthly). Experience with page layout design and writing/editing is desirable. Contact Susie Pope,
  • ISGS Quarterly Design and Technical Editor: The Design and Technical Editor works with the Quarterly Editor to produce a polished publication. A working knowledge of design and layout principles and the use of Adobe InDesign is desirable. Contact Judy Milde, Editor,
  • Membership Promotion Committee Chair:  This committee promotes membership with renewal notices and other communications and maintains the membership list. Contact Janice Fritsch,
  • Youth Creative Contest Coordinator: The Education Committee would like to implement an annual youth creative contest in 2013. The contest will have three categories (writing, artwork, and photography) and three age group divisions. The Coordinator will fill in the details, and help to implement it. Contact Julie Tarr,
  • Writers: Part of the ISGS mission is to educate its members and the public. The Education Committee needs volunteers interested in sharing their knowledge by writing educational articles and guides. We have a lot of ideas on the table, but we need your help to make them a reality. Contact Julie Tarr,
  • Website Committee Chair:  (This is not a webmaster position)  This position monitors the ISGS website for errors, ease of use, etc. and notifies the Webmaster of any needs.  Contact Susie Pope,
  • Website Indexing Committee: Indexing projects are based on member submissions, ISGS holdings or other resources. Volunteers will scan images, and upload images and/or data to be indexed. Let us know if you would like to be involved! Contact Susie Pope,
  • Honors & Awards Committee Chair:  The chair solicites nominations from individuals and societies for each of the ISGS annual awards.  The nominations are discussed in committee and finalists are presented with awards in the fall.  Contact Susie Pope,
  • Illinois Society Liaison Chair:  The chair communicates with associate societies, and coordinates the annual Roundtable Events which are hosted by local societies.  Contact Janice Fritsch,
  • Long-Range Planning Committee Chair:  This committee considers plans for the improvement of the Society. They solicit suggestions from the membership, make regular reports to the Board, and present projects for action.  Contact Janice Fritsch,

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