Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sharing the Excitement of a Find!!

For those unable to attend the meeting last Thursday evening, I'm sorry to say you missed a great one. Our  Chester Bowser Scholarship recipient, Jesse Nasta, received his check from our Scholarship chair, Lea Ellsworth and our president, Judy VanDusen.

Judy VanDusen, Jesse Nasta, Lea Ellsworth
Jesse is a very personable young man and has promised to keep in touch as he works on completing his graduate work and his project of finding and recording African Americans in the court records in southern Illinois and the St. Louis area.

After the presentation and, of course, wonderful treats, the program consisted of attendees sharing their "most exciting genealogy find." What a thrill to hear so many fascinating stories from "ordinary" genealogists! Jesse got caught up in the process and volunteered to share his greatest personal family history find. Programs like this truly highlight the great work done by those who research their families. It is nice to hear talks by professionals but my favorite meetings have always been those shared snippets from with our local group.

If you've never attended a sharing meeting, give it a try sometime. You'll be surprised what you can learn from the person sitting next to you!!

~ Becky

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