Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Volunteers Needed!

EGS is in need of help.
We have three Volunteer Chair positions that should be filled, these are-
Newspaper Indexing,
Program Chair for mornings,
Program Chair for evenings.

Any wonderful person that steps up to any of these positions will have help in performing the duties of these positions. Currently the the calendar for 2009 programs is pretty full so anyone volunteering for am or pm chair will have a "head start" on scheduling programs.

I know many of the members of EGS are currently helping on a project or with treats or as an officer or that you may have previously volunteered for chairs, committees and worked on projects; but this society does not exsist because of past work and projects.

If we as a group do not work together by volunteering, by putting our energy into our group, this group will wind-down until it stops. We must put energy into our Society Today and Tomorrow so our Society will continue to operate Today, Tomorrow and beyond.

So please seriously think about what you can do to help keep our Society alive and growing.