Thursday, December 10, 2009

Free WWII Records Through December

Footnote has made its collection of records related to World War II free through the end of December. Just go to Footnote's home page:

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  1. Thanks so much, Sara, for posting this info on WW2 missing aircrews. I have a hand written transcript of a diary written by Meriam's cousin, William Kibble, while he was a prison of war in Germany. His B17 was shot down enroute to bomb Munich. He and most of the crew survived and were POWs from July '44 till the liberation in the spring of 45. At risk of being shot, during the "German Death March" in midwinter 1944 he wrote daily detailed accounts of their march on cigarette papers and made a transcript after the war. From the info on Footnote I learned that he was the crew's radio operator, also the plane's armament, the model and serial of the ship and many other details. The radio operator assignment was of special importance to me as I was a civilian instructor in the Army Air Corps, teaching GIs to operate radios in B17s and B24s prior to my joining the Navy. William could have been one of my thousands of students that passed through our school. I may join Footnote as there's hardly time to extract all that is there before the end of year free period. THANKS~! Bud