Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are ?

The NBC series "Who Do You Think You Are?" premiers on Friday March 5. Check out the video clip at:

Featured are Susan Sarandon, Brooke Shields, Matthew Broderick, Spike Lee, Emmitt Smith, Lisa Kudrow and Sarah Jessica Parker. One of these celebrities has ties to the Salem Witch Trials and another to the Battle at Gettysburg. Can you guess who?



  1. Thanks for the post, Judy.
    Without doing any research at all and really not following any of the celebrities, my guess is Susan Sarandon for the Salem Witch Trials and Matthew Broderick for Gettysburg. Probably not even close:)

  2. WE tv had a good program "The Locater" It seems to be all reruns now but the program did state how they did their research. The ABC program "Find My Family" was not as well done, I thought. However all of these programs spark an interest in genealogy.