Tuesday, April 27, 2010

May Morning Meeting

David M. Bartholomew, author of Pioneer Naturalist on the Plains; The Diary of Elam Bartholomew will be presenting Civil War and Lincoln in Grandfathers Diary for our morning meeting this May 4, 2010. How interesting to hear about that time in our history through the words of someone who lived through them!!

I wish I could be with you to hear this presentation but I will be in Erie, PA on a short genealogy research trip. I've been procrastinating with this trip for a long time and am happy to finally be getting it done! Thanks to some tips from Bill Blohm's April evening presentation, Planning a Research Trip, I know the places I plan to visit will be open when I'm there and I've made contact with someone I'm sure will be very helpful to me while I'm there. If you're interested in more about my project and my trip, check out my blog MyGenealogyPondering.

See you at the CIG on May 13 and/or at the May evening meeting on May 20.

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