Saturday, June 5, 2010

Genealogy This Week: 5 June 2010

Check out this article and link about newspaper research from Genealogy In Time newsletter for June 2010.

A Great Genealogy Brick Wall Solution for Newspapers - One of the most intractable problems in genealogy is trying to trace ancestors from countries that simply failed to keep official government records of births, marriages and deaths. Well, this week, we have a good genealogy brick wall solution for you. Try to trace your ancestors through newspaper announcements. The only problem with this approach is 1) knowing what newspapers may have existed in the part of the world where your ancestors came from and 2) even if you did know what newspapers existed, it can often be hard to access copies of them. This is where the free website ICON (International Coalition of Newspapers) can be immensely valuable. Simply type in the city/region/country (in the field 'Country') and year that interests you. The site will provide you with a list of known newspapers for the area. By clicking further on an individual newspaper name you can find out what libraries keep copies of the listed newspapers. This is a great resource.{Click here for the link to ICON}

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