Saturday, March 5, 2011

Girl Scouts Earn Heritage Badge

Friday afternoon, Judy Van Dusen and Becky Higgins represented EGS by helping the members of girl scout troop 4192 of South Elgin achieve their Heritage Badge.
The girls showed their aptitude towards genealogy from the very beginning. They began their meeting by sampling ethnic treats and we all know if there is a genealogy meeting there will most likely be treats. :-) These delectables came from Scandinavia, Greece, and India.

 Kara, the troops capable leader, got things started by discussing the home assignments the girls had worked on. Just one more display of how technology has changed the way things are done: the completed assignments had been previously emailed to Kara so she had time to combine everyone's work into a nice document. Family quotations and traditions were just a couple of the items the girls collected.

Then, the genealogists got down to business. We explained two of our most significant forms - the Family Group Sheet and the Pedigree or Generations Report. With information the girls had gleaned during the past week, they began to fill in the blanks.

There were some great questions and we soon learned, even at this young age, they like to talk about their families as much as the rest of us. We encouraged them to take the time to listen to stories and gather information now while they have the opportunity.

It was wonderful to see the interest in their faces and great fun to help out.

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