Friday, June 17, 2011

June Evening Meeting Review

Joyce Nigbor provided us with a very informative and fun program last evening. Her talk was really a case study involving finding four sisters who emmigrated (not together) from Norway to Minnesota in the 1800s and finding living relatives, if possible.

About a year ago, Joyce finally agreed to take on this project at the pleadings of the family still in Norway. She shared with us the little bit of information the family shared to get her started and how she proceeded from there. With the use of the internet and some old-fashioned legwork, Joyce fulfilled this family's request.

They now know what became of the sisters and have been in contact with "new" relatives in the States. In fact, one of those relatives is our new EGS member, Violet Danks, who is planning a trip this summer to Minnesota to meet some of the Stateside kin new to her.

Our thanks to Joyce for showing us her methodology in tracking down these women and for sharing her enthusiasm for the hunt. Thanks also to Violet for sharing how much the results of Joyce's work has meant to her.

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