Monday, August 27, 2012

EGS Donates to War of 1812 Digitization

In memory of Chester A Bowser, the Elgin Genealogical Society (EGS) has donated $250 to the Illinois State Genealogical Society's (ISGS) $10,000 War of 1812 Pension Match Challenge. Our $250 will be matched by ISGS making the donation $500, then Ancestry will match that $500 to make it $1000. What a deal!!
Becky Higgins, EGS treasurer makes presentation to 
Janice Fritsch, ISGS president August 18, 2012
 To learn how you can participate in this worthy project take a look at the ISGS website here. As little as a $5 or $10 dollar donation can make a huge difference.

~ Becky

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