Sunday, October 27, 2013

How I Spent My Weekend #1

Our destination (me and my husband) this weekend was Sandwich, Illinois and the Illinois State Genealogical Society's (ISGS) Conference. We headed out early Friday morning so we could get there in time to help set-up for the 1:00 pm start time. Just imagine the volunteer hours needed to put on a day and a half event for 200+ attendees, not to mention the youth workshops! My kudos to Howard Manthei ,Joan Murray, and all the committee members for the outstanding job they did.

Before any attendees could enjoy the fruits of the committee's labor, the scurry of final touches needed doing. While the vendors prepared their assigned tables, the ISGS registration booth had to be organized and the volunteers for the weekend had to be identified and reminded of their schedules. In the beginning things looked something like this:

There were name tags to be arranged and bags to be stuffed and, as is always the case, everyone wondered if we would be ready on time!

But, at last, we were truly ready to put out the welcome sign:

and open the doors to the anxiously awaiting genealogists!

I hope each attendee found the weekend as enjoyable and educational as I did. In my next post I'll tell you more about my personal experiences.

~ Becky

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