Wednesday, June 4, 2014

EGS Streamed Thomas MacEntee Live!

Forty-three EGS members and guests attended our June morning meeting and were treated to our first ever
Thomas MacEntee
live-streaming webinar featuring Thomas MacEntee. Thomas is always a welcome speaker but distance and timing can make it difficult to schedule a program. However, through the magic of the internet, EGS enjoyed an excellent presentation.

Thomas, being an old-hand at producing webinars, assisted us through some techy issues. Of course, setting up the PC, projector, and speakers are familiar tasks for our “IT” members. We were quickly linked up with Thomas and the very interesting talk began. Our only lingering problem is getting the PC’s microphone to work. Something we’ll be working on for next time.

Thomas presented “10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Genealogy” to 86 eager ears. Most of us have felt as though we’re tramping through the mire from time to time. We’re stuck on a particular ancestor or just feel overwhelmed. Thomas suggested 10 ways to overcome and get back on track. My favorite was “Goal Setting.” Too often I find myself jumping from one thing to another because I haven’t set a goal on which to focus my attention.

If you get a chance to hear this presentation, I recommend it highly!

Now that EGS has gotten our first such Live Online program under our belt, I’m sure it won’t be our last. It’s a great way to provide meaningful education from well-known speakers without the expense of travel. We’ll be thinking about the possibilities!

~ Becky Higgins

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