Tuesday, November 3, 2009

EGS November Morning Meeting

Great meeting this morning!! If you missed it, you missed a very informative presentation by Matt Rutherford on Federal non-population schedules and how they can help our genealogy research.

One of the best things, in my opinion, is he provided information on where and how to access these records. How many times have you left a presentation thinking "wow, what a great idea, now if I only had a clue about how to find that data!" Well, Matt gave us plenty of clues as to where to find these sometimes elusive records.

Matt spoke primarily about the schedules for agricultural, manufacturing & industry, mortality, slave, "defective, delinquent, dependent" and social statistics. Using examples, he showed what information in provided in the various years and schedules. Of course, not all states and not all census years are covered and, as always, some that were covered have been destroyed;but, if you're lucky and determined, you may be able to get some real insight into you ancestor's life and times using these schedules.

Don't forget next month is our annual meeting and holiday lunch!

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