Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Brings a Challenge!

Yesterday morning was the 1st EGS meeting of 2012. It was well attended and I must say the K and Jean Mallory out did themselves providing a beautiful and tasty treat table!

Review of our 2011 resolutions went as one might expect. A few of us were successful, as few of us took a stab, and more of us had to admit we'd need at least another year. There was plenty of applause for those first few; for the rest of us, there was plenty of laughter (of course, we laughed with each other, not at each other;-).

Our president, Judy Van Dusen, decided we'd take a different tact this year - no resolutions!! Stealing a bit from our friends at the Kane County Genealogical Society, she threw out a few challenges. She gave us a list of 16 - I added a seventeenth, just so you know. We are to pick one or more challenge and see what we can do with it.
Out-of-Area members (and non-members as well) are encouraged to join us in this on-going event. Let's see how many challenges we can complete this year. It's not a competition but we'd love to hear how and what you've done!

To see the list, just go to the top of this home page and click on 2012 Genealogical Challenges.

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